MAXCOM ® Value Customer Programe

Maxcom Value Customer (MVC) programe is a package to help customer save cost while at the same time helps to keep the environment friendly by encouraging the use of Compatible toner cartridges , This program can help customers dramatically reduce operation cost through the use of competitively prices remanufactured toner cartridges & through the reduction in workforce size needed for the service maintenance of laser printers.

5 Benefit
AS Our MVC Programe

Customer printer are fully warranty by Maxcom (Excepts back dated discontinued spare part). This fully coverage package applicable only on purchase of " Maxcom Premier Product"

F.O.C printer trouble shooting to extend printer life span which automatically save value RM 50 – RM 80 per service.This program included 2-3 time regular services per year and on call services to solve your problem.

Toner 100% sastifications guarantee ,cost saving 30% as compare original toners.

Empty Toner Cartridge will be collect back by signing this MVC Programe to save earth environment.

Maxcom Value Customer will automatically engaged with our Maxcom Free Printer Programe


The printer engine consists of many mechanical parts that could be break down due to the element of war and tear. Should the printers break down and be in need of repair, this will be carried out at Maxcom cost(including the replacements parts) All repair will be done on-site where possible. In the event that the printer has to repaired off-site, a replacement temporary loan printer will be provided for the convenience of the customers.

In the event that the damaged printer is beyong repair ( costs are too high) , a replacement unit or printer will be provided , Please refer to Free printer Upgrade for further details. The free repair and replacement of parts does not cover the following :-


Upon signing the MVC program package, we will provide customer free printer upgrade provided the conditions:-

The customer require more printers that what has been provided . ( No of additional printers to be provide is subject to client’s printing volume and needs).

If the above Client shall then be entitled to receive :-
All printers provided will remain the property of Maxcom and must be returned upon termination of the contract. The arrangement benefits clients by offering them the choice of not having to make costly printer purchases. In addition they need not then to keep inventory for these items.
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