MAXCOM ® Services Programe

Maxcom Services Programe is terrific value of money and it is idea solution to your printer maintenance needs. Our professional technician will carry on the maxcom 6+6 preventive maintenance services on site that can be performed on any printer and will substantially eliminate the problems that most printer encounter with typical use.



  • Paper Jam
  • Staple Bullet Drop Into The Printer
  • The Heat & Motion In The Machine With Dust “Dries Out” The Gears
  • Paper & Toner Dust Deposited Inside The Printer
  • Print quality impaired
  • Fuser Film Crack

MAXCOM 6 + 6 Preventive Maintenance

Pre 6 Checking

  • Checking Fusing Assembly
    This is the most common maintenance item in the machine. Generating repair bill as high as RM2000. We remove contaminants such as toner, paper dust and staple bullet before they can do their damage.

  • Check Ozone filter, replace as necessary
    Some machine like series II and III produce ozone. While in The machine, ozone attacks everything but stainless steel and glass once outside the machine, it attacks your lungs, eyes and other mucous membranes. Most filters last only 1 year.

  • Check Transfer Roller, replace as required
    The transfer roller will attracts the toner from the drum and onto the paper. Over time, it attracts toner to itself and cannot be properly cleaned in the field. Generally changing it results in immediate print quality improvement.

  • Check Separation Pad, replace as necessary
    This part prevents more than one sheet of paper from entering the printer at a time. As it begins to wear out. Multiple sheets may feed into the printer causing jam. A new pad prevents this.

  • Check and Lubricate Machine With Appropriate High Quality Grease
    The drive gears in the machines were originally lubricated with this. But over time, the heat and motion in the machines with dust “dried out the gears.

  • Check Exposed Grounds, Tighten or Replace Screws
    Loose screws can fall out of the clamshell into the cartridge and affect output. Loose grounds can cause bizarre and unpredictable failure.

Pre 6 Cleaning

  • Clean Pick-up Roller Surfaces
    The pick-up roller actually liberate small amounts of fiber from every page they pick-up. Some of this bounds to the roller, making it slick or dusty. For most machines, cleaning this is a sure-fire cure for pick-up problem.

  • Clean Beam-to-Drum Mirror
    Ozone doesn’t attack glass, but it does help toner and paper dust to bond to the surface of the beam-to-drum mirror. This can become so cloudy that print quality is seriously impaired.

  • Clean Registration Roller
    Over some time, this Registration roller become coated with a hard, shiny white film of paper debris that makes them slick solvent cleaning restores them to original.

  • Clean Exit Roller
    Same like Registration roller, we also check the exit belts to ensure that paper does not jam accordion fashion at the exit rollers.

  • Clean Ozone Fan Bushing Assembly and Fan Axle
    Toner conspires with ozone to "gum up" this fan. If fan fails, ozone intensifies its attack on the machine. A little cleaning here will keep the fan going for years.

  • Clean the Lower Part of the machine
    The Lower Part of the machine to be clean up by using a brush and special vacuum only after the sub-assemblies have been removed from machine frame. These to prevent debris from contaminating machine parts.


Services fees for printer less that 10 unit :
RM 70 / Printer/ Year

Services fees for printer more than 10 unit :
RM 50 / Printer / Year

Services included :
  • 2 time cleaning services / Printer / Year
  • 12 time Ad-Hoc trouble shooting visit worth RM 720 (RM 60 / Visit)
  • No extra labour charge for printer repairing. Simply the cost of required part
Services fees for printer less that 10 unit :
RM 45 / Printer / Year

Services fees for printer more that 10 unit :
RM 35 / Printer / Year

Services included :
  • One time cleaning services / Printer / Year
  • 6 time Ad-Hoc-trouble shooting visit worth RM 360 (RM60 / Visit)
  • Additional labour charge for printer repairing.
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